Nothing Compares to You ~

Still floating, still smiling, still grateful for my first Soul Painting retreat… It all felt so divinely sweet and a time out from everyday life, or “the true reality”, as one participant described. I am simply in awe of these women who showed up for themselves for this week together. What risk, what blossoming, what fulfillment and lifelong bonds in creative friendship took place. Oh and the WORK THAT WAS CREATED. OH MY. Simply gorgeous paintings. I felt I made 20 new best friends that week, I really do, and I know all the women feel the same. So until the Autumn retreat rolls around I will be keeping a smile in my heart for that time spent painting, laughing, and even some tears shed together. I know it sounds a bit cheesy and new age…. but you had to be there. It really was this way. I have shared before that something magic and indescribable happens when women gather. I have found this especially true when it’s in the holy name of ART-MAKING. I had to pinch myself, and at times it was challenging to receive the feedback that many of them shared….calling it life-changing and blissful magic. I am learning at getting to become better at this (the fine art of receiving).

PS. I will be only be giving one Soul Painting retreat for 2016 (as 2015 is already sold out), so if you would like to be notified when registration opens up first, leave your email here.

PPS. You can about two soul painter’s experience here and here. (Do read both, the first one is a dream come true story)!retreat1 retreat2 retreat3 retreat4 retreat6 retreat7FullSizeRender9-1024x768 retreat8 retreat9 retreat10

6 thoughts on “Nothing Compares to You ~

  1. Oh my goodness I need this in my life!! How fun! I live so far away though. I love everything you do. You’re such an inspiring and creative person.

  2. Hi Alena,
    I was at this lodge in 2009 for a retreat organised by It changed my life and part of it was the location!
    So good to see you chose it too!
    Way to go!

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