A Love Letter from Me to You

Dear beautiful you (or exquisite soul who is housed in a physical female or male body in this lifetime):

You can feast again upon the senses, allow the distance from the past hurts to breathe into your space. The grief may not go away, it just changes form and your relationship to it. These scars on the soul, they shape and embody our lives; in wholeness and in softness, the shell teaches us to be fluid again. In that gentleness (and spaciousness) we become strong, we can receive more of what life is yearning to give us. We can see the petals along the river as ourselves, that one sad story, washing back down to the sea. Ownership takes root. No other heroines to seek. A speck on the infinity of time, this lifetime, forever ours. Empty and heart-wrenchingly full.

My dear, that Queen (or King) heart of yours need not leave its throne. You can radiate and give all the love you desire whilst staying in its royal position within, anointed by Spirit and the Nature of Things. Mine once left, well many times more than once actually, and it then becomes a beggar, lost and looking, scavenging, defensive, bewildered. Allow *it* to give and receive in its natural home, and see how Love becomes you…. unwavering, tranquil, in inherent Divine Order. The design of this mysterious life, grit, grief, and all its glory, wants this for you.

I think right now, I’m also deeply in love with creation and mystery. So what is this intensity? What is life showing us? For me something, a deep ancestral or karmic sorrow, began whispering to me 4 years ago and the last 2 years have been WOWZA. Earth school has a way of breaking you down so you have no choice but to more deeply understand its paradoxical truths. I’m a believer in Divine Will. I also don’t know what to make of any of it…. I just know its time to get even more close to center. I feel in these days it’s a discipline of utmost necessity. Closer within, closer we rise to Love. Broken, beautiful, and radiantly alive. You’ve got this, you were born to do this, and you are coming back to remembering how powerful and connected we all are. You are sovereign, you are glorious, you are always home.

With love, to love, for love,


5 thoughts on “A Love Letter from Me to You

  1. thank you for sharing! Your words resonated in my heart and soul.
    I’ve been grieving for my daughter since her death 2 years ago.
    Time…. allowing time to heal.
    Thank you again – your post was a blessing to me.

    I hope I can one day take one of your courses. As a senior on restricted income, I’m filling a piggy bank slowly

  2. Thanks Alena for posting my blog lovepoemstogod.com It has been two years since my Dylan left this place for a Better One. I am a shell of what I once was alright, a hard shell that is bent on fighting the Good Fight. I have been emptied with suffering and have thrown myself into being involved in my beloved childhood Church, the Maternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. My Catholic faith has been my rock, and I am blessed to be its historian for our upcoming 70th Anniversary. I am writing about a time when praising God and doing Church activities were the norm. I wish everyone could experience the joy I get by praying the same prayers as the early Christians.
    The scum of the ruling class in my Church has risen to the surface, and there is clean, pure water of many, many good priests to take its place. If there is one thing I’ve learned it is the Holy Spirit always wins.
    In Christ,

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