An Epic Giveaway!


I’d like to commence a season gratitude and healing, so starting today I’m having my biggest giveaway of the year! 

** Five spots will be given in EACH of my most beloved ecourses: A Year of Painting or A Year of Healing; plus, a scholarship to a workshop or retreat (these sell out very quickly), and an original painting!! What, what?! ** YES YES!

Simply follow the rules to enter below and then comment on this post so I can receive your entry. For each task that you create you will receive one entry, just let me know in the comment below so I can count each entry! The total value of this giveaway equals around 4k!! Your chances really are high in winning, and if you have already signed up for the above courses, I will refund you entirely!

  1. Instagram: Share an image of mine (from either A Year of Painting or A Year of Healing or a painting image (google search my name for images or take any from my page Alena Hennessy, or Instagram, @alenahennessy) and mention me in the main comment  @alenahennessy. You share share anything you want about it, that you are entering and hope to take the course, or a quote you like, anything, just be sure to tag me for credit.
  1. Facebook: Do any of the above but link to my website or preferred winning ecourse page (A Year of Painting or A Year of Healing). Tag my art page Alena Hennessy.
  1. Sign up for my museletters.

You can share up to 2x on social media!

I will announce the winners in one week here (as well as email you). Simply comment with your amount of entries below!

Much creative magic your way…

xox ~ alena

PS. On a personal note, I’ve made an ongoing commitment to donate a % of all ecourse sales to some reputable charities for animals + children/people of great need, which I started to regularly do a year ago.


~ LIST OF WINNERS ~ Thank you so much everyone for your entries and generous words!

Happy creating to you always!! Xxo

A Year of Painting:






A Year of Healing:






















138 thoughts on “An Epic Giveaway!

      1. Hi Alena, thank you so much for this giveaway- so exciting! I posted on Instagram and Facebook. Much love!

  1. Instagrammed, facebooked and I’m already on your museletter list …. the Year of Healing is calling to me … I think because last night I wrote in a draft of a blog post that this world needs healing….

  2. Hi Alena, I have loved the course “A Year of Painting” and its lovely community. I’m already subscribed for the new “A Year of Painting” but I would love to win! I reposted on Instagram, shared both on my personal Facebook page and Facebook Art Page and I Pinned it. I was already subscribed to your museletters. Thank you so much for this opportunity! Love, Rika

  3. I shared on Instagram and on Facebook and signed up for your Museletters. Was already on your list LOL. Thanks for this opportunity to try to win. Teehee! Adore you and your art! xoxo

  4. What a generous giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity to enter. I have shared via FB and IG. Your artwork it absolutely dreamy. 🙂

  5. Just shared you on fb. Thanks for being a constant source of love and light, beautiful woman. You fill my cup more often than you know. Keep on doing what you do- this world needs more you.
    “Love is the bridge between you and everything.” Rumi

  6. Signed up for newsletter and posted to Instagram and facebook. First class or yours I took was during Lifebook 2014! So enjoyed painting with you.

  7. I posted on Instagram sharing an image from A Year of Painting and tagged you Alena. l also shared an painting from A Year of Panting and tagged you on Facebook and signed up for museletters. I am so excited and would love to win a spot in your A Year of Painting.

  8. Hi, Alena, I have signed up for your newsletter and shared on my FB page. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to tag and don’t do a lot of other social media. But, I would love, love, love to have a chance to win a class, especially A year of Healing, so needed for myself and the world. Thank you for this opportunity!!

  9. Hi Alena – what a lovely surprise. I have posted on my Instagram and my facebook page. I was already signed up for your museletter 🙂 Thank you.

  10. Dear Alena, shared your post on Facebook and I had already signed up for your muse letter! Would love love love to win a spot for AYOP3❤️

  11. I’ve already signed up for your newsletter and am posting on my Facebook page. What a wonderful and generous giveaway!

  12. Hi Alena – I pinned and shared on FB. I already am subscribed to your newsletter. Thanks for all the opportunity to enter this draw. Most generous of you.

  13. What a beautiful offering! I signed up for the museletter, shared one of your images on Instagram, and shared the “year of painting” course on Facebook.

  14. Hi Alena, thanks for doing this. I dis the Instagram one as Fashionchalkboard and then facebook and the muse had me already.. I wish everyone luck and that they receive exactly what they need. I think i know what i need but am open to the universe to surprise and guide me…

  15. Alena,
    this is so generous of you. I’ve followed you since taking LifeBook with Tam. I’m signing up for your course anyway, I don’t want to miss out on it if I don’t win (but I hope to, hehe).
    Shared on FB and on IG now.

  16. I shared a couple of Year of Painting images on Facebook and instagram, and I was already receiving the Museletters. Thank you so much for the giveaway! Good luck to everyone!

  17. I graciously posted on FB and Instagram. I am already a newsletter receiver, so I double checked to make sure. Love your Giveaway idea! Looking forward to another inspiring journey of painting with you!

  18. It truly is Thanksgiving….thanks for giving, Alena! You are a doll to offer so much of your loveliness to us.
    I posted on my Facebook page (and hopefully did that tag thingie correctly) and already get your museletter.
    Have a lovely holiday!

  19. Alena, thank you so much for this generous opportunity! I already get your newsletter (thank you), but I did post to FB I’m attaching the link because I couldn’t figure out how to tag your page And while I’ve had an Instagram account, I’d never posted to it before–so another learning experience, lol! If I should be so lucky, A Year of Painting would be my choice.
    Mahalo, Joan

  20. I would love to be a part of the year of healing. Or any other class really. I just signed up for museings. And shared on Facebook 2x. I am trying to figure out how to share in Instagram. I love your work. Very beautiful. Thank you for this opportunity.

  21. I shared via Instagram (@brittburkard) and I am part of your mailing list. Girl I have been sharing your courses every time I get the chance! 😉 Deeply grateful for the work you put into these offerings. Lots of love!

  22. Just posted a lovely message for you on my facebook page! Wish I could do both the Year of Healing in addition to the Year of Painting. Feeling it would serve me best to do one course at a time though my inner child is saying..more! more! more! Lot’s of love to you and looking forward to the Year of Painting in January!
    xo Jen

  23. I shared via Facebook….
    And receive your beautiful newsletter already.

    I hope that this will be a year of healing for all of us.
    We desperately need it.

    Thank you for being a beautiful light.

  24. What a wonderful thing to do. Thank you for your heart and your soul.

    I signed up for your “museletters” (so cute).

    Be well, Paul

  25. Hi Alena! I accidentally already commented under someone else’s post. I posted one of your beautiful paintings on Instagram and Facebook and I am already signed up for your Museletters. Thank you so much for this generous opportunity! Much love, Jina

  26. I’ve seen giveaways before but yours has me very excited. Thank you for your generous offer Alena. I’ve not signed up to your courses as yet because of a fear of not doing things well. Silly I know. Bit of a perfectionist thing happening. I would dearly love to win this prize. I was so excited when I saw it. I’ve shared 3 posts on Facebook, the Year of paining, a Year of healing, and your personal page. I also shared A year of painting on Instagram and I’m already signed up to your Museletter. Thank you so much again Alena nad may the courses find their way to those who need them most.
    Happy days and thank you again from Silvana. (Australia)

  27. I am so appreciative that you are donating a % to help animals and children-what a wonderful thing to do!
    Thanks for the chance to win. I receive your muse letter.

  28. I posted a painting of you on my FB page (don’t have instagram, sorry : ( and signed up for the muse letter.
    ALL of your works are so beautiful, I had a hard time choosing one!
    Thank you for inspiring me and filling my life with art, creativity, tenderness and love : )

  29. Shared on facebook and I already subscribe to your museletters. I am sure hoping to win one of your courses as I love your art! Thank you for the opportunity!

  30. Am signed up for your museletter and tagged you on Instagram about your amazing Year of Healing ❤️ Thank you for so generously sharing your gifts with us!

  31. Thank you for this awesome giveaway!!!! I have really loved taking part in a year of healing this year so would really love to win a place on the Year of painting!!! I have entered on Instagram as @zoehowarthdesigns

  32. Wow- so generous! Thank you for leading the kindness and gratitude path! I am sharing it on instagram, on my personal page and on my artists page on facebook, so that I have as much chance as possible to win! <3 Any of those gifts would be amazing. The year of painting and the grace experience have been so beautiful, so I speak of your talents and the benefits of these classes often. Thank you for spreading love and light and it is mirrored right back at you! Namaste! Ig handle: @Jenniferpalmsprout

  33. Alena, oh my what a wonderful and generous gift from your heart! I shared a post on Insta and on Facebook. I am already receiving your Museletters. How lovely it would be to win a scholarship. My heart would crack wide open. Sending love and light to you. <3

  34. I already get your newsletter and will share on facebook thanks for opportunity to any class that I can’t afford at present 🙂

  35. Behold Joy! Beautiful message and reminder before the holiday season. Shared on instagram and signed up for newsletter.

  36. 3! I posted on Facebook, Instagram AND I’m subscribed to the Museletters! I would so love to take a Year of Painting. Yum!

  37. I would sooooo love to do the year of healing course for so many reasons. I would also sign my sister-in-law up so that we could create and heal together.

    I have shared the give away on Facebook and hope it creates a little extra traffic to your site. Thank you for being so generous and for adding some color to our world! Love getting your museletters (they have been inspiring me to take out my art supplies more often)!

  38. I love your Year of Painting Course & all the others!
    I’ve shared on my wall on facebook & instagram.
    So sweet of you to do the giveaway! I’ve been signed up
    for the museletter for a while now.

  39. Hello Alena! What a thoughtful gesture to your tribe. I have signed up for your newsletter and posted and tagged you on my Instagram @divinefem thank you!

  40. Sharing on IG and FB. I am attending your spring retreat and honestly counting the days and am signed up for A Year of Painting!!!!!! Would love to win and take even more!!

  41. I love your art and energy and would love to take a class with you someday! 🙂 Thank you for a chance to win, what a generous giveaway! 🙂 I signed up for your museletter and also shared on facebook. thanks again!

  42. I shared on Instagram and already subscribe to your museletter. I signed up for both A Year of Painting and A Year of Healing a few weeks ago but would love to win a spot for my sister!

  43. I shared on Facebook and signed up for your newsletter! On another note I didn’t realize you live in Asheville in love Asheville so sad to move away from the NC mountains

  44. I have shared your courses on Facebook and already receive your lovely newsletter. Thanks Alena! I’m already signed up again for A Year of Healing, but would LOVE to win A Year of painting as well.

  45. Be brave is the most exciting thing in daily life and it is my favorite painting. I love the arrow, it’s fierceness. It can only make me stronger reading your inspirational words. Have a wonderful life!

  46. I subscribe to your newsletter. I posted A Year of Painting on both FB and IG along with #alenahennessy. I adore you and hope I win the chance to take this course with my 18 year old daughter as a way for us to stay connected, inspired and willing to help this world more beautiful … xo Liz

  47. Hi Alena, I am already signed up for your colorful museletter and now you have 2 posts more on FB…..God I really hope to be a part on your course, A Year of Painting or Healing……will see……big thanks and all the best….Steffi

  48. Thankyou for your generosity Alena 🙂 i shared on Instagram and have signed up to your muse letters already. ✨✨✨✨

  49. Hi Alena,
    Thanks so much for these generous offerings!
    I am already a muse letter member, and have shared on Instagram, @inspirationOlogy, and Facebook page , InspiragionOlogy
    Eileen Sievers

  50. Signed up for your newsletter and posted on Facebook. I’m not on Instagram. Hope that is sufficient. Thanks for an opportunity to win your Fall Giveaway. I’m 64 and was administrator of a hospice program for 28 years until I quit my job to care for my mother. I long to do art but don’t know where to start. This would be so lovely.

  51. Hello sorry I didn’t understand the directions completely. I love your work it’s both spiritually and for me mentally healing. In a image transfer artist I take memories, pictures, draeings, signatures and hand make them into transfers then I apply them to anticipate surface. I feel adding another element to my designs like what you do would inspire me to create even more from my soul. I would be so grateful to win your tutorials as I am a high fan. Thank you for creating such healing work

  52. Hello sorry I didn’t understand the directions completely. I love your work it’s both spiritually and for me mentally healing. I’m image transfer artist I take memories, pictures, drawings, signatures and hand make them into transfers then I apply them to anticipate surface. I feel adding another element to my designs like what you do would inspire me to create even more from my soul. I would be so grateful to win your tutorials as I am a high fan. Thank you for creating such healing work

  53. I just shared on Facebook too (shared on Instagram earlier today) and already on the muse letter. I couldn’t tag you in the post for some reason but shared the web page for ‘A Year of Healing’ (my FB page is Michelle Denise) X

  54. Hi Alena,

    I’ve already been connected on your website, follow you on IG and FB, and I have your book on Intuitive Painting. As I’ve said in my post, I’m so in love with the process and love looking at your beautiful and inspiring work. (I believe I’ve pinned 100s of your paintings.) I keep eyeing A Year in Painting and the A Year of Healing ecourses. Both would be amazing opportunities to delve deeper into the process and practice. xxoo, Sage

  55. Hi Alena, I did my part to spread the love! I posted an entry on Instagram for the fall giveaway and am already signed up for your muse letter. Thanks for offering such a great prize! 🙂

  56. Hi Alena, I did my part to spread the love! I posted on Instagram and am already receiving your muse letters. Thank you for offering such a great giveaway!!

  57. Thank you soooo much for offering this giveaway. I shared both on Instagram and Facebook. You are amazing and I hope I get to take one of your workshops soon. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  58. I shared A Year of Painting on Facebook and am already signed up for your newsletter. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  59. Hi Alena! I’ve just sign up for your “A year of painting” cause I love your art so much ( I bought some of your books) I shared on my Fb timeline, on Instagram and you’ve just my email!! Thank you for this great gift!! Dita incrociate!! 🙂

  60. Hello Alena,
    What a lovely offer. I’m currently enrolled in A Year of Healing. It’s been wonderful and inspiring. I choose to take your e-course because I enjoyed your painting style and it was so different from what I had been taught. It’s liberating and dream-like. I have so enjoyed the class. My art has become more free and thoughtful. You helped me unleash that and I am thankful for your teaching. I would love to win a spot in another.

  61. Oh Oh Oh how I would luv to win 🙂 I posted on my FB fan page 🙂 Instagram & Of course I am already subscribed to your newsletter.. Thank you Alena for this wonderful opportunity….
    Luv how you share your beautiful soul in your work.

  62. Just signed up for your museletters. This is a great giveaway. Good luck to everyone! I’ve got my eye on A Year of Healing.

  63. I signed up for your newsletter and shared a photo w/ quote on Facebook. Hoping to enter either of your courses, whichever opens up for me (literally and figuratively) <3 many thanks for your beautiful contributions to the world!

  64. I signed up for your newsletter and crossed my fingers! I love your book and I loved being part of the first One year of painting! Hugs

  65. Posted on both instagram and facebook and holding my breath for this time… and, signed on for the museletters for a long time and loving them… ♥♥♥

  66. Hi Alena, what a generous giveaway! Thanks for giving us all the chance to win a spot to learn from you. I really enjoyed your 30 Days of Grace course and I would love to win a spot in your A Year Of Healing course, it sounds so beautiful 🙂 I am already receiving your museletters. Good luck to everyone!

  67. I’m already a subscriber to your museletter, Alena sweetheart. Thanks for this wonderfully generous giveaway. Keeping my fingers crossed that I might be among the lucky ones!

  68. What an amazing and generous giveaway! Loving your work 🙂 I’m already signed up for your museletters, having loved your Cultivating Your Creative Life book.

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