Bali, Mexico, or India–Oh My!

It’s been 7 years now since I began teaching retreats and I’ve experienced so much beauty from all them. Truth be told, they have enriched my soul in ways I never thought possible. Little did I know when I would begin this journey as a full-time artist that I would find a calling in empowering and inspiring women through art and spirit. Through all these retreats I have made friendships that are golden and I know many of the participants have as well. When women create in the name of creativity and wellness, a magic occurs. Not only does it feel incredibly safe it also feels sacred.

The retreats I have planned for 2020 are hands down the best ones I have ever hosted. I have refined this process into an art in and of itself. I so hope you join me (there are 3 – 6 spaces left in each). It really is an opportunity of a lifetime. Invest in experiences, not things, and your world will become enriched.

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>>> Register for Living the Muse Retreat in Paradise here.

>>> Register for Blissful Goddess Retreat in Bali here.

>>> Register for Soul Painting India here.

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