Giveaway Time!

Hey everyone, I’ve missed you. I feel like its been awhile since we really connected. I’ve also been reflecting softly on what I can offer to you at this juncture after 11+ years of teaching art for the empowered spirit. After some thought this course came to me as I recall some of my most painful experiences in life is when I felt I didn’t use my voice or express myself when my being really wanted to.

So Find Your Voice all about how we can find and express voice in authentic ways. The end result is through art but it’s also about what and how our internal voice speaks and wants to share with us through our Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual bodies. It’s about painting our stories and understanding how our natural hand wants to move and channel out through our heart. It’s about seeing and being seen. It’s about creating works of art original to you through all your elements as a Human Being that fulfills your deeper self.

—-> So I am having a giveaway! I’m giving away a handful of spots to those who feel like this course is a good fit for what they are desiring right now.

—-> All you have to do to enter is *share this page* and why you want to join this course on Facebook. Double entries if you tag me @alenahennessy on Instagram and also share! Be sure to comment on this post!

Again, comment below to let me know how you’ve entered and what you are desiring to share more of your voice through your art today. (All levels welcome for this course).

I can’t wait to dive in with you…

xo ~ alena

UPDATE: List of Winners

Michelle Smith
Janine Lacey
Carrie C
Janice K. Smith
Lean Ann Gibson

Thank you everyone so much for entering. Your comments really touched my heart. The Early Bird sale is still happening HERE for now. Much love to you in all that you do!

84 thoughts on “Giveaway Time!

  1. Thank you ALENA!! I’ve shared on Insta and Facebook. I really need this, I can get confused as to what my style is as an artist….

  2. I entered on Facebook! Always looking for new ways to explore connecting my heart and soul through my art. One of the most challenging but most satisfying things one can do. I feel that right now it is the most important thing- this is the time for creatives to express our love visually to the world, it is what is so desperately needed right now.
    Thank you!

  3. What a beautiful offering… Ive shared on FB and IG. Thank you Alena. I want to paint more freely and true to myself!

  4. Thank you so much Alena for this gentle offering, I shared on Facebook. I would love to join this new course, because to me personally, being seen is such a huge challenge (even writing this down here publicly is making me feel nervous). But I also feel that finding my true voice in art and in life and having the courage to really express it, would be so amazingly healing. Could not think of anyone who I’d love more to be guided on this path than you <3

  5. Thank you Alena for this opportunity! I shared on Facebook and Instagram! <3 <3 <3 Love you!

  6. Thank you, Alena, for your generous heart. I posted on Facebook and IG with deep praise and gratitude. Finding my voice continues to be a spiritual practice for me as I heal from trauma. This course will amplify the healing and strengthen my voice so I can bring my gifts into the world and continue the Beauty and Love. A magnificent extension to AYOH.❣

  7. Shared on facebook and twitter! I would love the opportunity to take this course because I love your work and I am always looking for ways to grow and expand in my artwork.

    I love to use my art as my voice. ❤

    Thankful for you!

  8. Shared on FB! Oh, this so sings to me! I am undergoing a deep death/rebirth, a rediscovering of myself. Plus June 19 was my mother’s birthday which is a magical day!

  9. Thank you Alena!!! I am excited about what you shared because I feel that I am a very self conscious person and even though I want to speak up and use my knowledge, experience, opinion and voice, sometimes I undermine myself and I think that holds me back both in my social world and in my creative one. I think this course could help me break free and speak up, in order to find out what I really need to say through and with my art. Crossing my fingers, I shared on facebook and insta too! Thank for giving back

  10. I used to know my voice, my message. Or maybe I just thought I did. Now, it’s a struggle. I want my creative practice to feel like me, not just like I mimic what I see and learn, but I have trouble finding (and trusting) that space that’s authentically mine. So, I would love to win a spot. Thank you for your generous offering! Shared on FB, instagram, and Google+ 🙂

  11. I’ve always been an artist. But rediscovered my NEED to paint after my second son was born and I went through PPD. Your positive voice resonates with my focus on self patience and love. I have your Intuitive Painting Workshop book, which is how I started following you on online. I would LOVE to take one of your online courses. Thank you so much for sharing your soul and helping other souls with their artistic journeys. I have shared on Facebook. 🙂

  12. I just shared on Facebook…I have had creative bursts of expression when I really feel like I come to life, yet those moments seem few and far between and when conditions and circumstances are “Right” . I would like to be able to feel like I can express at any given time instead of too often “holding” back to “protect or appease” others, because deep down, I realize it is just conditioning of and old story I keep telling myself, and I want to stop that right now and learn to always speak and be who I truly Am!! I

  13. I have been longing to get deeper into meditation and am going through an intense death/rebirth/rediscovery of “me”. Plus June 19 was my mother’s birthday which add to the magic. Shared on FB. Thanks for the offer!

  14. I shared on Facebook. (I couldn’t figure out how to share on Instagram.) I’d love to gather in my scattered thoughts and energies and find the quiet voice within that is truly my own. This class looks awesome for learning to express myself, ny true voice, in my art!

  15. I shared this on Facebook to all my lovely arty friends and all shared on Instagram under @I_just_got_chilli_in_my_eye.

    I’d love to join this course, I have just taken up acrylic painting this year and would dearly love to find my own style. There are so many modern artists that I greatly admire and I am so scared of copying, I desperately want to find my voice, my vision, my style.

    Good luck everyone!

  16. I shared this post on Facebook… tagged you in as well. Hope to be chosen, but don’t we all. (: Best of luck to all those entering. Blessings!

    “Check her page out guys! Love her work! Trying to win this giveaway! Why? Because I need it. I need to dig back into my creative side. Being a stay at home mother doesn’t pay in cash so I’m here trying to win a giveaway! Lol.. Plus getting back into it may give me some new found peace, acceptance, etc in this stage of my life! Alena Hennessy choose me, choose me!”

  17. As an intuitive artist I love to create things that people can resonate with on a spiritual and whimsical level. My art is a bit visionary and a lot spiritual. I’d love to take this course to better improve what is is exaclty that I would like to portray for people in all plains of consciousness. Pick me!! ✨ I shared on Facebook and on insta gram

  18. Shared on FB…new to Instagram so not sure how to tag there. Art has been in my soul since I was 3 or so. For a long time, I floundered and faltered and lost my way. Lu ckily, I found the path again, but feel unsteady. Please help me regain my focus and balance! Thank you for your generosity.

  19. Shared on Facebook, Twitter, & Google+!
    Just got my AA in studio art and am looking for more ways to express my truth. This looks perfect for me!

  20. I shared on my Facebook wall. I love your art style and your spirit! I have looked at your classes a few times. Money just has been an issue. I have watched some things on you tube and I love your spirit and allow art to take you where ever it guides you. Amazing!
    Peace, love and happiness.

  21. Shared and thank you so much for the chance to win. My home flooded in August- five feet of water destroyed everything I own- all but a few of my paintings and my little girls paintings- thank goodness. It was a tremendously cathartic experience. We are rebuilding and in the mean time I’ve spent the last several months doing a few online courses. They have been my savior…healing a bruised and scared soul while giving me the opportunity to continue to create beauty through art. Thank you for giving everyone the opportunity to learn and share beauty with the world ❤️

  22. Thanks Alena for the opportunity to win a spot in this…. much love to you for that. This looks like such an awesome class that would inspire me to create again. I shared on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Thanks again!

  23. As a beginner this would be the perfect exposure for me! Thank you for this opportunity~

  24. I resonate with your gentle teaching methods and seeing what can emerge from what is already in us, waiting to be revealed, accepting ourselves and trusting the process and going for it!✨‍

  25. I thoroughly enjoyed the last course I took from you. I was inspired to try new materials and ideas. This course sounds like another chance to learn about my art and telling my unique story.

  26. Alena, ~ thank you for this opportunity. I feel I could benefit from your class as I am still struggling to find my way back to my joy of painting. It is soon approaching 2 years since I lost my father suddenly (I was taking your class A Year of Painting at the time). My studio sits, still and un-used most days. I enjoyed your gentle guidance and would love to have an opportunity to find my voice in art once again. Thank you ~

  27. Hi Alena, thank you so much for this giveaway. This class really speaks to me. I hope to win. I have shared on social network and tagged you.

  28. I have shared on FB and IG and tagged you. I would like to use my creativity to awaken my true self. Thank you for your generosity.

  29. Finding my voice and my place in this world has been a lifelong struggle. I would love to unleash my voice through art. Thank you for the opportunity.

  30. I shared on Facebook. I couldn’t figure out how to share it on Instagram! I am not sure WHEN my computer science degree became useless…. anyway 🙂 Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  31. So kind of you to offer this giveaway, Alena. Keeping my fingers crossed! Posted on FB and will share on instagram now. Blessings to you!

  32. I want to be the lucky winner to refresh and to connect.deeply woth my soul. I.know it is about letting go…..Thanks for the opportunity. I am sharing FB only.

  33. I will love to be the lucky winner to find the connect deeply to my soul. Sharing FB. Thanks for the opportumity. 2nd post first one i couldnt see

  34. I love this, “It’s about painting our stories and understanding how our natural hand wants to move and channel out through our heart. ” This is speaking to my soul. I’ve been painting and doing some mixed media for a couple of years. I have learned a lot he am really wanting to, ready to, delve into understanding how my natural hand wants to move. This course sounds like a fun exploration into another level of expression. Thanks for the opportunity to win a spot! I will be sharing on FB and instagram.

  35. Love your new e-course, Alena. I love how it delves into the deep places of emotion and finding your voice in your art. I have been learning this over the past few years as I have explored in your e-courses and workshops/retreats, finding how nature is speaking for me. Thanks for this opportunity to win a spot and would love love love to be in this course! I also will be sharing on FB and Instagram!

  36. I would love to take a class from you Alena. This is the year of working it out. Sharing on Facebook and instagram. PeAcE!

  37. Diagnosed with breast cancer the day before thanksgiving. I have completed chemo and surgery. I still have radiation and targeted drugs through the end of the year. I felt no creative urges for months going through chemo, it wiped out everything I had. I am only now feeling like I am ready to create again. My main outlet is nature photography but have not been able to do anything because of fatigue, surgery and illness. Being able to create is what feeds the soul. Would love to try a new media as I go through the rest of the treatment and have an outlet for the emotions that come along with a cancer diagnosis.. Shared on Pinterest.Will tweet as well as soon as I remember my password ☺️

    1. Oh my gosh. This is the first time we meet. I’m happy to hear you are recovering and regaining yourself and creative healing ambitions. Keeping you in my prayers for continued health and inspiration. Love Viv

  38. Hi Alena! I would really love to win this, its perfect timing for me and just what I am looking for on many levels. Thank you!

  39. An amazing opportunity to get a fresh perspective on creativity! Feeling optimistic and visualizing myself lucky enough to be one of these candidates. My creative block has been hindering so much in my own life….this would allow me the chance to turn it around~

  40. I’ve shared on Insta and FB… I just really want to blend my spiritual side more into my regular every day life through art. I just need a more direct hit of these ideals injected into my spiritual “art vein”… it would be such an honour to do this course with like minded women

  41. Thank you for this opportunity! I love your book and know that expressing my creativity helps me stay grounded and true to my values.

  42. Facebook and Insta. I must find a way to release and express the rising despondence over what is happening in the world. Maybe it is my easing into the age of the crone? Maybe it is this desire to find a language that usefully expresses our own personal power to raise the energies around us despite the negative forces and hate rolling in like the tide? I need to find a voice for this. Now is the divine time. Thank you, Alena.

  43. Thank you for a wonderful opportunity to win! I am fairly new to making art (other than doodling for my little boys to entertain them while we wait somewhere ) I have been creating to deal with a pain issue caused by cancer. It has made a huge difference in my life. I would love to learn new techniques. I would love to find some ways express my inner self and not just try to reproduce someone else’s idea. Thanks again!

  44. My journey of healing with art truly began with Alena. I feel truly grateful to have found her courses. I do feel I am at the point of what is my style but also enjoying the intuitive process. Would love to learn how teach this Wonderful process of Art in the future.

  45. I always love to join you when I can. Connection to my art and heart and soul is essential to who I am as a woman! Our voice changes, and sometimes it’s about rediscovery for me!

  46. Yes! I would really enjoy this course – it seems to next natural step to take after last week on the island , as I keep uncovering more of myself

  47. I just shared on FB. I love your art and your lovely energy. I would love the opportunity to take this course!

  48. Hello Alena, I entered the giveaway on Facebook. I would love to take this course to get more comfortable being seen and expressing my true desires. Thank you!

  49. Thanks for this opportunity! I love creating and have been doing so for a very long time…just haven’t found “me” yet. Looking forward to taking your class one day, whether it be now or later. 🙂 I shared on FB and on Instagram.

  50. Alena, truly truly, i love your playful spirit & welcoming supportive community of luscious sisters. Feels magical & ripe with healing blessings, circles within circles… Would love to join you, just posted ur offering on FB. And especially love love love that you have a fluffy white dogbaby! I have my Mimi & Fritz, mini schnauzerdogbabies… lol. Sending hugs to all, with mucho gratitude, from Colorado!

  51. Thank you Alena for this opportunity. Running a creative business often takes up so much time that it’s hard to take the time to look within.
    Shared on fb.

  52. Ive shared on fb and will on instagram! I love your work and need to work on finding my voice!

  53. After a period of ill health and burn out, I’m looking for something to challenge and encourage me. Thank you for your generous competition. 🙂

  54. Consider me entered! What a wonderful offer to share your spirit and creativity! I will definitely share this post to Facebook but, my reasons for wanting to win are very personal and I don’t feel comfortable posting them on social media for all to see and judge. I am, and always have been an artist but, find myself in a creative and emotional wasteland. I truly believe that being around fellow creatives, given creative encouragement and inspiration would begin to heal my broken spirit.

  55. I shared this on Facebook. This sounds wonderful! I have been making journals using mainly recycled and repurposed materials, like junk mail, paper bags, magazines, vintage items, etc. I am also starting to offer workshops to teach how to make these. The workshops also include poetry writing and other creative writing activities. I’d love to build a community where we can share ideas and support each other in living joyfully, caring for the Earth, recycling and reusing items, expressing ourselves through creativity and looking at things in a whole new way. I’m calling it Junk To Joy! This class you’re offering sounds like it would really help me manifest my ideas! Thank you.

  56. This course sounds wonderful. It would be nice to express myself through art and to enjoy the benefits of creating. I shared on Facebook and instagram.

  57. Sometimes we lose our inner voice/expression. I know because I am there. I want to create (and have my whole life) but I can’t wrap my brain around where to start or what to paint these days.

    I would love to find myself again.
    I’ve shared this in FB and Instagram.

    Thanks for being so generous!!!

  58. What a great opportunity! I find expressing my identity through art a very challenging process, so I look forward to this! Shared on FB.

  59. Hi I’ve shared on Facebook… michelle Mary Ann Smith. Just recovering from a serious psychiatric condition… art saw me through my I’ll health and how I’m on recovery I want to continue making art expand my skills and creativity and help others through their life difficulties and crissis in my local area. Plus I just want to bring more beauty into the world in a regular basis as we are often surrounded by sad and negative things in life so art helps uplift people’s spirits

  60. Finding my voice in a positive way is what my spirit is calling for lately. Too many challenging changes have come my way and a physical injury that has put a hold on my fitness,that has in the past been my other tool for coping with day to day stress. I am needing a more positive focuses that lifts my spirit as it help me to greet my day and get out of bed with purpose each day.

  61. Thank you so much! I am so looking forward to the class. Very excited about having a new creative outlet to explore. Very touched by your generosity.

  62. Thank you so much Alena! I am beyond grateful for such an amazing opportunity. I feel so blessed ❤️

  63. I love your art and I would love to win a spot in LB 2018. The Blog Hop has shown what a great lot of teachers and wonderful classes there are available. Thanks so much for the opportunity.

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