Soul Painting Autumn

soul painting 1a soul painting 2 soul painting 3 soul painting 4  Above 3 photos by Yulia Mikhalchuk.soul painting alena soul painting anjanette   soul painting matisoul painting miranda soul painting miranda 2Above two photos by Miranda Wildman. soul painting retreatsp autumn altarsoul painting autumn libby soul painting retreat 3soul painting groupAgain, it was an incredibly soulful and transformative experience! We soaked (hot springs), we laughed, we journeyed, we ate ridiculously well, we danced, we hiked, we sat, we reiki’d, we cried, we laughed some more, we biz talked, we flower crowned, and of course we PAINTED PAINTED PAINTED. New life long friendships were made (they are still talking everyday, truth be told, and it makes my heart all aflutter. 

I will have one more retreat next year in the Fall (spring in Tuscany is sold out). To be be on the wait list, add your email here. There will also be a handful of weekend workshops at our gallery

Heart-fulfulling creations to you always…

UPDATE: Soul Painting Autumn is now open for registration!

6 thoughts on “Soul Painting Autumn

  1. I just signed up and can’t wait… so happy to be doing this. I heard AMAZING things about the retreat!!!!!!!!

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