What Do You Stand For?

I’ve always had a soft spot for animals, their magic, their clear disposition or presence, and beauty (examples of how vast and mysterious the nature of creation is). I enjoy giving back to Animal Legal Defense Fund and Mercy for Animals. But lately, I’m driven in a different direction… and that is the protection and education of girls and women across the globe. Last week a friend and I organized an event for Dining for Women (please check it out) to raise money for their monthly charity offering. November’s featured charity was Safe Hands for Girls. Do you know studies show that if our girls are safe and educated the world can change and peace become more prevalent? It is the one factor or common denominator that can allow for a less violent or more harmonious world. There are so many things our world needs but this is a place I can start. This is something I can put my whole being in and truly believe in. Here is the mission for Dining for Women:

  • All women have the right to equality, dignity and security and an
    opportunity to be self-sufficient.
    • Ensuring gender equality is key to overcoming poverty, and
    transforming families, cultures and future generations.
    • Education creates awareness. Awareness develops into interest.
    Interest fuels action.
    • Collaboration empowers giving and transforms the giver and the
    • We act with integrity and purpose.

We raised a good amount of money that night which will go directly to the girls in Africa. A special thanks to Bull and Beggar for hosting us, along with their generosity!

When I myself am feeling strong, seen, and safe, I am most alive. My relationships thrive, my ability to show up for my students is aligned, and I am able to feel a belonging to the world. I want that for all humans. I am starting with our girls—the facts of what many girls go through before the age of 15 is disheartening. But *together* we can make a difference.

On another note, I’ve come to also understand that not everything happens for a reason and not everything will make sense. The Law of Attraction (especially in terms of violence and trauma) needs to be looked at on a more critical note. This is imperative especially for New Age or spiritual communities.

The past two years I have dived deep into understanding my own ancestral line and healing of trauma. Grief’s seeds have away of pushing you into more depth for truth and maturation. Working with counselors, mentors and Shamanic practitioners has certainly helped, as has speaking more deeply and real with my father (and mother) and circling with golden witchy women. Communicating with empathy. Slowing down. Understanding my bodily sensations. Listening to what anxiety shares with me. All of this I count as healing… along with past life regression (oh holy was that fascinating and illuminating). I admit I’ve tried a lot! I wanted a deeper understanding as to why I felt an emptiness in part of my heart. I looked at the gifts of my life and felt a celebration, then the losses and felt deep remose. I longed for integration. It was beyond forgiveness, it was unseen root work in my being.

Some books I am currently reading on understanding trauma and addiction that are amazing:

In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts by Gabor Mate (my favorite author on addiction, finally a voice of compassion and reason).

The Body Keeps the Score

Waking the Tiger

I believe our human family needs to understand this more deeply to not only heal our individual but collective trauma as well. This is an immense learning of a lifetime. I also bow down to the gift of painting for allowing me to come together with women and celebrate the nature of creativity and the transformation it brings.

May the understanding and integration be so.

6 thoughts on “What Do You Stand For?

      1. I woke straight to this splendid tale this morning. In the midst of traveling pinterest for daily creative inspiration it struck a deep need for intention of purpose to balance my creative drive. Many blessing & Much Gratitude❤

  1. I love this post! This is such an important issue, feeling it more and more these days!
    The very last painting at the bottom of the post is so so beautiful! I was wondering if you sell it as a print? x

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